Barn Doors

Moulton Custom Door, being based in New England, has built its fair share of barn doors.  We continue to preserve the appearance of traditional barn doors, with our own twist: we give the facade of traditional doors with the modern convenience of an over-head automated door. We can also do swinging or sliding doors. Take a look through our gallery and see what we mean.

Related Projects


The dimensions of this door were 9’-10” X 9’-5”, the Base section is a ThermoMark 5155, R-13 once covered, 396 lbs. Mike selected our job #1652, a solid herringbone design, with an intermediate rail for his existing barn. The barn had a double sliding door that split in the middle,...



Designed by the owner / contractor these R18 doors give a very classic look to this beautiful barn while having the modern convenience of an overhead door. We placed the springs and much of the mechanical aspects of the door above the windows to keep a clean look.



Looks like it slides, but it lifts: a play on a traditional style barn door that goes overhead rather than swinging open.  This was the customer's design. It is an R16 door. The windows will fit a standard 24" section.



These are approximately an R9 door. The customer came up with the design. The track is vertical to the roof line. The operator is Lift Master's new 3800 side mount operator for high lifted of full vertical doors. As seen in the photo above, these doors required some special consideration...



When the customer designed his building, he included in the plans these custom doors. The design harkens to some of the traditional swing doors found all over New England. They are an R18-20. Small rear door is a high lifted.